Skypaq’s MBaaS solution abstracts the server-side infrastructure so your developers don’t have to concern themselves with how the server is structured. Instead, developers simply assemble the building blocks of the app and write the code that connects them to the background interface as shown on the adjoining image.

Skypaq have also now partnered with Siemens focusing on their MindSphere IIoT (Industrlal Internet of Things) Platform. All sensor data captured from devices such as industrial plant machinery, aircraft sensor data, device metering information etc is now stored on the MindSphere platform and accessed securely through the Skypaq Data Centre.

The result is that the developers can concentrate on creating an app that looks and functions as users expect.

MBaaS provides the platform from which backend service developers can connect to backend systems (such as human resources or finance) and expose services from those backends as mobile friendly APIs.

Backend Service developers create the APIs that are shown in the API catalogue. Mobile app developers browse the API catalogue for the needed functionality.

Mobile App developers and backend service developers collaborate to define the APIs needed to create a mobile app with access to the backend systems.

MBaaS also makes cross – platform app development easier because developers don’t have to create seperate backend systems for each platform. Instead the same services can easily be provided to all clients, no matter what type of device or OS might be involved.

The bottom line is that MBaaS will save you money and produce better results.