Skypaq Device Management

Supported Hardware

With Skypaq you have the freedom to change, and work with other devices in the future should your operations require to do so.

We also support all Windows 10 enabled devices.

Organizations can potentially decide to re-use existing equipment and safe greatly on the overall project costs.

Skypaq has qualified a series of mobile devices, offered by top-manufacturers including Panasonic, Zebra, Motorola, Honeywell-Intermec, and Datalogic. Each of these manufacturers are producing hardware solutions for your needs.

Don’t be distracted by the operating system it runs, select the devices required for the operations.

Purchase Mobile Devices Directly

From knowledge worker phones and tablets to ruggedized, special‑purpose devices, Skypaq using Android O/S or Windows 10 can deliver devices for every worker and use case.

Contact our sales team at [email protected] to discuss your request. Our Contact Us form, can also be used.