Siemens and Skypaq announce partnership for IoT platform


Skypaq has recently been appointed Siemens Business Partner for their cloud-based IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) Operating System, MindSphere.
This product is in use in Germany mostly, but now Siemens are now seeking to expand to English speaking markets such as Ireland, UK and North America and also to the Nordic countries (where Skypaq already have a strong presence).
Skypaq due to our leading role in the area of automated messaging and data integration within enterprises were seen as an obvious fit for the platform and this has led to the partnership between the two companies.

Skypaq is one of the first partners of MindSphere outside of central Europe and brings integration, infrastructure, consulting and security services as well as expertise in the development of ready-to-use applications, in order to seamlessly connect MindSphere customers with their existing IT systems.
Skypaq offers MindSphere customers a structured, consultative approach that accelerates the prototyping, validation and deployment of applications that will quick-start services, delivering real results and production readiness rapidly with the aim of maximizing overall business value.

The IoT operating system MindSphere, coupled with Skypaq’s strong data integration capabilities to modern business intelligence and ERP platforms, create concrete insights that significantly increase customer business outcomes. The Skypaq IoT Platform, Powered by MindSphere, allows customers to deploy digital-driven business applications in a secure, managed cloud infrastructure which ensures data compliance, performance and landscape integration.